Gravel and Bikepacking routes


5 days / 421km (261mi)

Gravelpacking Yorkshire

UK, Yorkshire

Yorkshire hosts some of UK’s best riding locations. Crossing the Dales, Pennines and the Lake District this bikepacking route ticks all the boxes!

2 days / 202km (125mi)

An der Lippe – Weekender

The Netherlands, Doetinchem

A quick and dirty two day bikepacking adventure into the unknown parts of western Germany. A surprisingly beautiful and quiet route in the middle of the urban jungle of the Ruhr-area.

Single Day / 124km (77mi)

Royal Gravel

The Netherlands, Rheden

The Veluwe and the Kroondomein regions are among the best places to ride gravel in The Netherlands. This route takes you to un-Netherlands like gravel with almost only nature around you.

Single Day / 67km (41mi)

Gravel Along the Castle

The Netherlands, Ruurlo

There is something mystical about castles, manors and farmlands. Combine this with beautiful gravel roads you have all the ingredients a good ride should have. A perfect ride if you don’t want to spend the whole day in the saddle.

Single Day / 124km (77mi)


The Netherlands, Doetinchem

The Eastern part of The Netherlands is often referred to as the ‘Achterhoek’, loosely translated as ‘Backcorner’. This part of the country is known for its beautiful landscape. Little farms and back roads are surrounded by hedges and trees, making it a perfect scenery for a nice gravel ride.

Single Day / 145km (90mi)

Four Bridges Gravel

The Netherlands, Doetinchem

Looking for that all day gravel adventure? This route is everything you need to have a long day on the bike. This route includes everything such a day should have, rolling hills, endless views, border crossings and more!

Single Day / 64km (40mi)

Shottergluck – Short

The Netherlands, Doetinchem

The perfect route if you like a mix between road, gravel and quit bike paths. Enjoy the best of german gravel combined with dutch bike paths.

Single Day / 109km (67mi)

ShotterGluck – Long

The Netherlands, Doetinchem

A big 105km/67mi gravel route that takes you through one of the best places for Gravel grinding in this area, the Reichswald. Well known for it quietness and it’s long gravel roads.