5 days421 km // 261 mi5025 hm // 16482 ft

Gravelpacking Yorkshire

13 Aug 2020 // UK , Yorkshire

Back in Septemeber 2019 the cycling world championships where held in Harrogate. We went there to watch the men’s race on sunday in the most terrible weather ever and decided that it would be a good idea to go on a bikepacking trip the week after.

First let’s talk a little bit about cycling in Yorkshire. Since the big stars like Mark Cavendish and sir Bradly Wiggins came to cycling the sport gained a lot of popularity specifically in this region. And there is a good reason for that, since Yorkshire is simply stunning to ride!

Inspired by Three Peaks and GBduro

The route takes you through the best places in Yorkshire. Starting in Harrogate you will quickly head out westwards into Three Peaks territory. This region, among cyclists famous for its rough cyclocross race, is crossed in the route of day 2.

After concurring the Three Peaks the route sets course into the Lake District. Where open views make room for forests, lakes and steep hills. In the fall the leaves have great colors and it is just an overwhelmingly stunning area to ride.

The last couple of days will take you back to the east coast alongside Hadrian’s Wall. The route ends in Newcastle, as we took the ferry home from there. But off course this route can be extended as you can loop it back to Harrogate. It was a shame we had to go back home after only 6 days on the bike, as this region is so incredibly stunning! Let the pictures speak for themselves…


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Day 1

From Harrogate To Settle
85 km (53 mi) // 1281 hm (4202 ft)


Paved / 63%
Gravel / 38%
Offroad / 0%

Day 2

From Settle To Windemere
101 km (63 mi) // 1093 hm (3585 ft)


Paved / 64%
Gravel / 36%
Offroad / 0%

Day 3

From Windemere To Warner Fell
76 km (47 mi) // 1030 hm (3378 ft)


Paved / 64%
Gravel / 36%
Offroad / 0%

Day 4

From Warner Fell To Langley
81 km (50 mi) // 691 hm (2266 ft)


Paved / 67%
Gravel / 33%
Offroad / 0%

Day 5

From Langley To Newcastle
79 km (49 mi) // 930 hm (3050 ft)


Paved / 83%
Gravel / 17%
Offroad / 0%