Royal Gravel


About this route.

We can let the pictures speak for themselves. This route is our favorite ride in our home country. With the most stunning highlights and gravel roads. Sometimes you will forget that you are riding in The Netherlands.

NOTE: from September 15th ’20 until December 25th ’20 the Kroondomein is closed due to hunting season. The most northern (and most beautiful) section of this route is therefore unaccessible at this time.

Crispy gravel roads, wide views, stunning sceneries. This route isn’t called Royal Gravel without a reason. Thanks to our rich royal history there are several properties in The Netherlands that are being treated a little different.

Kroondomein ‘t Loo, as the small section of the bigger national park The Veluwe is called, is one of these properties. Being owned by our Royal House it sadly isn’t open for public all year around, but when it is this is one of the hidden gems in our country. A very special gem that is!

Route type
Single Day

Route Location
The Netherlands, Rheden


870m / 2854ft


123.95km / 77mi

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Time for a quick stop and get caffeinated.
This is where you can find some fine coffee along the route

Pancake Restaurant Berg en Dal

Hoog Soeren 30, 7346 AB Hoog Soeren

With such a tough ride a big lunch never comes too early. Sit back, relax and enjoy before you head out in the 'wilderness' again.

Het Nieuwe Jachthuis

hoog, Hoog Soeren 55, 7346 AC Hoog Soeren

For those who want something more fancy then just a pancake... a nice and quit spot for a lunch.


Paved / 56%
Gravel / 44%
Offroad / 0%