Graveltalk with Erwin Sikkens

28 Jan 2021 // Published in Gravel

I think we have all heard someone mention that Gravel is the new kid on the block in cycling. There are plenty of people in the sport that will mark the relatively new genre as a hype or a hipster only experience. One thing is sure, gravel is hot and there are more people than ever before that want to hop on the gravel train.

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Le Fabuleux – Part 2

05 Nov 2020 // Published in Bikepacking

Again, we woke up with rain ticking on our tent. Luckily everything, but our shoes, stayed dry during the night. Unlike a few other unlucky participants who got everything soaked and had a really bad night. One of the downsides of a wet tent (and clothes) is that it becomes heavier, and when you have to pack all that weight on your bike you know it will be a little tougher today.

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Le Fabuleux – Part 1

14 Oct 2020 // Published in Bikepacking

We packed our bikes, grabbed our bags and headed out for our first ever “official” gravel bikepacking event in the beautiful Belgium Ardennes. Despite the bad weather forecast and the current Covid-19 situation, around 30 people gathered in a little town called Sy and got ready to tackle the challenging route through the Ardennes.

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5 days421 km // 261 mi5025 hm // 16482 ft

Gravelpacking Yorkshire

Location: UK(Yorkshire)

Yorkshire hosts some of UK’s best riding locations. Crossing the Dales, Pennines and the Lake District this bikepacking route ticks all the boxes!

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