Riding home from Harrogate – part 2

22 Oct 2019 // Published in Bikepacking

Waking up in the middle of Three Peaks territory with a sunny glow in the valley was one of the best moments of our trip. Today is supposed to be a hard ride along the iconic Three Peaks route with stunning views and some amazing gravel roads. After packing our bags, we headed towards Settle […]

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Riding home from Harrogate – part 1

15 Oct 2019 // Published in Bikepacking

Inspired and impressed by seeing EF’s amazing video of Lachlan Morton tackling the British back-roads we decided to head out for our own trip. We created a gravel focused bikepacking route – partially inspired on the Dales Divide and the GBDURO – through the Yorkshire Dales, the Lake District and the North Pennines. Since we […]

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Why you should try an E-gravel bike

08 Sep 2019 // Published in Gravel

Let me be honest, when I heard about E-road and E-gravel bikes being developed, my first thought was: “Who needs an E-bike for this type of riding?”.

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An introduction to gravel

06 Sep 2019 // Published in Gravel

It could have been any ordinary Saturday. But today wasn’t that ordinary Saturday, today was something different. Today would be another awesome chapter in the book of cycling adventures.

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We are gravelicious

27 Aug 2019 // Published in General

Cycling is all about adventures. Wandering through the mountains in search for that breathtaking view or riding into an unknown forest to find that spotless trail.

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