Riding home from Harrogate – part 3


Riding home from Harrogate – part 3

20 Nov 2019 // Published in Bikepacking

With just a small electric heater in the Pod, we woke up from cold feet, cold fingers and cold bones. Last night we stayed on top of a hill looking out over Windermere lake in Lake District. Way colder than our previous stay, but just as beautiful. After descending to the nearest little town, we grabbed a fresh brew with a typical English Scone.

“We chitchatted for a bit and they recommended to go all the way up North to Hadrian’s Wall.”

Our route of the day started on the other side of the lake. To get there, we had to take the ferry or go all the way around. Since it was cold, we decided to take the ferry. Once on the ferry, we met an older couple with their E-Mountain Bikes. We chitchatted for a bit and they recommended to go all the way up North to Hadrian’s Wall. This wall was built by the Romans in AD 122 to protect former Britannia against the Picts and other folks from op North. Later known as the Scottish. A large part of the wall is still intact and a really beautiful historic place to visit.

Wandering through Lake District

Since we didn’t really had a plan where we wanted to go to, we decided to follow our way up North through Lake District and set our route to Hadrian’s Wall. Once we came off the ferry, the difference in landscape compared to Yorkshire really stood out. The climbs were shorter, but higher and such a different vegetation. Everything was so intense green! And of course, the beautiful lakes, the brooks and the bridges. But hey, that’s why it’s called Lake District.

Bike on this ride

Model: Diverge WMN

Tires: Pathfinder 38mm Tubeless

Suited for this ride: 80%

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Once we left Lake District, we entered the rolling hills that took us to our stay of the night. It started raining and the heavy wind wasn’t really on our side these last few k’s. Since we couldn’t make any reservations for our stay, we weren’t sure we even had a place to stay. With quite some high hopes we went to Fellhill Pods near Carlisle. Just as our first night it was just a small place with just 3 Pods.

We were welcomed by a lovely elderly couple and an enthusiast dog. The lady prepared a Pod right away and made sure we had cold bottle of Prosecco and fresh eggs from their own hens. And if this wasn’t enough kindness for the day, she also offered to do our laundry. Again, Great Brittan. You surprised us today. Can’t wait for tomorrow, Hadrian’s Wall we’re coming for you!



Riding home from Harrogate

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